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1. Is this World Cup really that bad?

France, 1998: Love at first sight

2. Is Qatar 2022 so much worse than previous World Cups?

Japan & South Korea, 2002: Every morning in front of the TV

3. Won’t this World Cup lead to improvements in Qatar?

Germany, 2006: Love becomes obsession

4. Won’t this World Cup backfire for Qatar, because of all the bad publicity?

South Africa, 2010: Casillas’ toe

5. What can football do about the problems in Qatar? Football and politics don’t mix, right?

Brazil, 2014: My World Cup as a ‘journalist’

6. The World Cup won’t be cancelled. What can we do about it now?

Russia, 2018: Time for couple’s therapy?

7. If I choose not to watch, what difference does that make?

Qatar, 2022: No World Cup for me

8. My favorite team is playing! So I have to watch, right?

Some final remarks

9. How can I watch the World Cup responsibly?

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