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If you’d like to do something other than boycotting the World Cup, please check out these organisations and activists, and consider helping them out:


A human rights and labour rights charity working globally and locally to promote the rights of marginalised communities. They have been very active in Qatar, exposing discrimination and exploitation of migrant workers. You can find them here.

An advocacy organisation promoting the rights of migrants in Gulf countries. They document abuses of migrants’ rights and put pressure on local and national governments to change the situation on the ground. You can find them here.

Cancel Qatar 2022

Our friends over at CancelQatar2022 have been petitioning for years to get the upcoming World Cup cancelled. As the tournament draws near, they are ramping up the pressure and keep exposing the truth of this ugly World Cup. You can find them here.

Nas Mohamed

Nas is an openly gay Qatari man and because of it, he can’t live in his home country. Still, he bravely advocates for LGBT+ rights in Qatar. Now the spotlight is on his country, Nas Mohamed is trying to seize the moment. Sign his petition here.

Cards of Qatar

Buying a Panini sticker album only enriches those indirectly profiting off of the migrants’ human rights abuses. Instead, you could also buy Cards of Qatar, which honors the real heroes of this World Cup: the workers who died in preparation… Get involved here.


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